Fellowship Bible’s Beliefs

Fellowship Bible Church ascribes to the classic message of the Christian faith. Generally speaking, for centuries the church ascribed to the same (so called “orthodox”) doctrine. It has only been in the last century or so that many doctrines and beliefs have come into question. The truth of Scripture has been questioned; even the personal existence of God has been doubted. The questions asked in the last hundred years (from creation to church government to end times) have required the church to state a position on various issues.

Our Doctrinal Statement gives detailed expressions of the various positions that Fellowship Bible Church holds on the questions that have been asked. Members of our church are asked to “assent” to these positions. Assenting doesn’t necessarily mean that a member will be in total agreement with every position, but that he or she will recognize where the church stands on an issue and will not seek to undermine that stance.

No one likes labels, but they can serve a good purpose by quickly identifying where someone is on a particular issue. In this spirit, the following labels could legitimately be “pinned” on our church.

We are …


We believe the Bible is God’s Word without error.


We believe God is one in three (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)


We believe that there is a difference between Israel and the Church
and that God has a future for Israel.


We believe that Christ will come back and establish His kingdom
at the beginning of the Millennium.


We believe Christ will rapture His Church away before the beginning
of the Tribulation.


We do not believe that gifts such as tongues should be a part of
our services.


We believe that the church should be governed and led by a body
of spiritually qualified men (as opposed to one single leader).

For more information regarding Fellowship Bible’s beliefs, you can download our doctrinal statement CLICK HERE.